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     Then you are in the right place. With almost 25  years experience Sharon Kirwan has over 20,000 hours of service in                                Traditional Chinese Medicine helping people with a wide variety of symptoms.

Traditional Chinese Medicine


(Disposable Needles or Laser )

Traditional Chinese Medicine

(Diagnosis of Face, Tongue, Pulse)



Ear Candles

Dry Needling

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Food Intolerance Testing

Fitzwilliam Food intolerance test is a laboratory based test. It checks for IgG antibody reaction to food. It is a  very reliable, accurate way of assessing whether  it is causing a negative reaction for that patient.

Food intolerance can manifest itself by producing a variety of symptoms and can affect almost any organ in the body. Often patients report  multiple  symptoms such as gut pain, headaches, skin rash, weight gain.

A simple pin-prick blood sample is collected and processed by Cambridge Nutritional Sciences Ltd. Turn around time is 10 - 14 days.

A number of Food Test panels are available at this clinic. See more information on Food Intolerance Tests page.

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Personal & Executive Coaching

Life coaching can help when you want to make personal or career  changes; to clarify and reach your goals faster; to increase  your quality of life or to transform your relationships;

It involves one - one discussions with the aim of empowering the client to explore their options and take action.

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